International Clients.

Geography Is Not An Issue

Greg works with many international clients helping them to transform their golf game. You have the option to travel over and work with Greg in person through one of his exclusive VIP “Fast Track” golf coaching breaks or work with Greg remotely through our online learning system.

Which ever option you choose one thing is guaranteed. YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS!

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Fast Track Coaching Breaks

Greg’s “Fast Track” coaching break allows you to speed up the process of rebuilding your golf game in one visit. Depending on your length of stay, Greg will tailor your coaching break to ensure that you get the maximum possible value from your time with him.

He will show you all of the key strategies towards building your dream golf game and then construct a customised programme for you to work through after your visit. He will also help you implement the changes remotely throughout the duration of your coaching plan.

Online Golf Coaching

If travelling to work with Greg is not an option, Greg’s remote coaching programmes will work perfectly for you. Online coaching is becoming an increasingly popular way of learning new techniques and improving the golf swing. Greg uses the fantastic Edufii online learning platform to conduct both live and recorded session for his students. All that is required from you is video footage of your technique. Greg will then record a video screen cast of your golf lesson including all relevant drills and examples.

It has been a revelation. You taught me more about the golf swing in 90 minutes than I’ve ever been shown, the insights that you gave to me will prove to be invaluable..

Gary BernsteinImproving golfer

“I have finally found an instructor/mentor who not only understands the golf swing in great depth, but also matches his knowledge in a way that suits individual needs. I have more confidence now in my golf swing and also can relate to his instruction when on the golf course…..a true professional. You can only improve!”

John WhitehouseScratch Golfer

“I have been working with Greg over the last year and my golf swing has massively improved. Greg’s knowledge of the golf swing enables his students to hit powerful, consistent golf shots time after time. Greg’s simple 3 step system is easy to learn and the results will astound you.”

Joe BlandEuro Pro Tour Professional

Your the frikin “Mr Miagi” of golf. I went to a local range after our lesson. The improvement was amazing!

Gulvinder BalsalNew to the game

“Greg helped me to improve my technique and reduce my handicap by six shots in less than six months.”

Matthew Giusa7 handicap

“I have been working with Greg for three weeks now and have already seen a vast improvement in my game. The change in posture and improvement in grip and swing has already resulted in my handicap being reduced by two shots.”

Chris WilkinsNew to the game

“After two lessons my game has improved markedly I have once again been striking the ball better straighter and this has helped me score 38pts in my last competition reducing my handicap by half a shot!”

David Taylor9 handicap