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Learn The Most Consistent, Repeatable And Powerful Way To Swing The Golf Club

2 Hour Lesson with Greg

  • Learn how to control your arc and hit the ball straighter than ever
  • Build an efficient golf swing that produces consistent results
  • Hit the ball further with much less effort

Personalised 12 week improvement plan

  • Easy to follow training schedule including drills and practice plans
  • Your progress against goals is measured throughout your journey
  • Your programme schedule will be customised to suit you.

Your own personal training area

  • All of your files and videos are stored in your personal online training area
  • Upload and monitor your course stats through your personalised dashboards
  • Send and receive videos, messages and notifications through the app
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"What You Will Learn Will TOTALLY
Transform Your Game!"

The Best Golf Lesson you Will Ever Have

  • Hit the ball consistently straight

    Learn how to create a golf swing that consistently achieves square impact resulting in more fairways and greens hit in regulation.

  • Build a consistent and repeatable golf swing

    Build a beautiful looking golf swing that repeats time and time again… even under pressure.

  • Hit the ball enormous distances

    Learn how to deliver the club into the “Speed Slot” which produces phenomenal clubhead speed.

  • Completely transform your golf swing.
  • Mini test on TrackMan to assess your ball striking ability.
  • Analysis of where your technique can be improved.
  • Implementation of changes.
  • Learn everything that you need to do in order to hit the ball consistently long and straight.
  • All video's and drills are recorded and then uploaded into an online portal.
  • 12 week practice plan.
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See What Some Of My Amazing Clients Have Achieved

  • Graham Hubbold
    Graham Hubbold - Increased average driving distance from 257.6 yards to 309.3 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 98.2 mph to 110.5 mph. He also achieved a fastest clubhead speed of 113.1 mph (all measured on TrackMan).
  • Martyn Smith
    Martyn Smith - Increased average driving distance from 250.3 yards to 262.8 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 91.4 mph to 96 mph. Martyn also managed to achieve a maximum 100 mph fastest clubhead speed (all measured on TrackMan).
  • Matthew Giusa
    Matthew Giusa - Increased average driving distance from 202.2 yards to 268.3 yards and also increased his maximum clubhead speed from 89.6 mph to 103.6 (all measured on TrackMan).

30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If you feel for whatever reason that this is not the best golf lesson that you have ever had, or that it won't help you achieve your goals, then I will refund your payment in full.

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