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We've all been there...

Standing on the first tee, with a crowd of weekend warriors watching your first shot of the day.

You feel like they're judging you based on the outcome of that first drive.

"Please... Oh Please let this one go straight down the middle of the fairway and not another slice into the rough".

And of course we all know what happens...

You end up wildly hooking or slicing your drive... ending up either out of bounds or down the fairway of an adjacent hole.

What a way to start your round.

That doesn't sound like an enjoyable experience to me... 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine stepping on that first tee feeling super confident, knowing that your drive is going to soar down the middle of the fairway.

Imagine how it feels to rip your drive on that very same busy first tee and everyone is left speechless from the effortless power of your swing.

Imagine knowing that this will continue for the rest of your round as you cruise your way round to another low score.

Well this is how I feel every time I tee it up, but it wasn't always this way.

Back when I used to play competitively, I used to hate that first tee shot.

Don't get me wrong, I could play and I could bomb it...

But the ball could go anywhere.

I had plenty of power, but because my swing was missing this one key ingredient, I had some pretty destructive misses.

And of course at that level...

You hit one out of bounds and your tournament is over.

The key discovery that I made to transform my golf swing and start hitting a powerful, consistent ball flight.

In my 20+ years in helping golfers to completely transform their games, I realised that the #1 thing that most amateur golfers struggle with, is their swing plane.

Instead of creating, a powerful steep to shallow golf swing like the top tour pro's...

swing plane

They create an ugly "Over The Top" move, pulling their club off the ideal downswing plane, leading to a weak and inefficient motion.

A faulty swing plane means that you will struggle to deliver the club squarely into the ball at impact, resulting in wild shots.

It also makes it virtually impossible to generate any speed.

The problem is that creating your ideal swing plane is quite counter intuitive...

The very motion of generating speed in the downswing makes it virtually impossible to achieve your ideal plane. The faster you go, the worse it gets - unless you know how to shallow the club effectively that is.

Ever wondered why you don’t hit the ball as badly when you slow the swing down?

That’s because there is less force, pulling your club off plane.

Add the speed back in and you go back to that ugly "Over The Top" move.

Swing Plane Seperation

I used to have this exact same fault in my own golf swing.

I used to be able to create a ton of speed, but it would pull my club so far off plane, I could miss the planet.

I just couldn't achieve any consistency because my plane was so inconsistent.

It wasn't I started my coaching career that I discovered what I now call "Swing Plane Separation" and that transformed everything for me.

When it all finally clicked, I could swing as hard at the ball as I wanted and still achieve my perfect swing plane.

Better than that…

Rather than fighting the torque, my swing plane now complemented this motion to add tremendous lag and explosive speed.

When I finally figured this out, it pushed my club head speed through the roof, but better than that, it allowed me to do so with complete control over my ball flight.

The 5-Minute Swing Plane Fix

Thankfully, you won't have to go through the years of trial and error that I went through to fix your plane.

I have a simple solution to mastering your swing plane in just 5-minutes, and when you learn how to master your swing plane, you will;

  • Hit the ball longer with less effort,
  • Hit consistently straight shots time and time again,
  • Be able to hit draws on command,
  • Finally start shooting lower scores.

In fact when I first implemented this discovery into my own golf swing, I instantly gained 7 mph in clubhead speed and started hitting the ball arrow straight.

Since then, I have consistently implemented this discovery into my coaching and my clients have started hitting the ball longer and straighter than they ever dreamed possible.

And yes, I do mean it...

Within the first 5-minutes, we will correct your swing plane, and then over the next 30-days, we'll strengthen up your ability to take your new swing to the course and absolutely annihilate the ball down the fairway.

You can achieve these awesome results by registering for the Swing Plane System program today.