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I'll Fix Your Faulty Swing Plane In Just 5 Minutes And Get You Driving At Least 30 Yards Longer Or Your Money Back

We've all been there...

Standing on the first tee, with a crowd of weekend warriors watching your first shot of the day.

You feel like they're judging you based on the outcome of that first drive.

"Please... Oh Please let this one go straight down the middle of the fairway and not another slice into the rough".

And of course we all know what happens...

You end up wildly hooking or slicing your drive... ending up either out of bounds or down the fairway of an adjacent hole.

What a way to start your round.

That doesn't sound like an enjoyable experience to me... 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine stepping on that first tee feeling super confident, knowing that your drive is going to soar down the middle of the fairway.

Imagine how it feels to rip your drive on that very same busy first tee and everyone is left speechless from the effortless power of your swing.

Imagine knowing that this will continue for the rest of your round as you cruise your way round to another low score.

Well this is how I feel every time I tee it up, but it wasn't always this