Biomechanics Analysis
For Effortless Speed And Consistency

This Will Be The Best Golf Lesson You Have Ever Had. We Will Analyse Your Swing In 3-D Highlighting The Speed Leaks And Inconsistencies And Then Build You A Custom Plan To Guarantee Your Success.

Learn The Key Biomechanics Of Hitting The Ball Long And Straight

We use state of the art 3D motion capture systems to analyse your swing.  

We highlight the key area’s responsible for generating clubhead speed. We measure Turns, Sways, Lifts, Joint Angles, Kinematic Sequencing, Peak Speeds and Force created.

We even measure Ground Reaction Forces.

Data To Help You Hit The Ball Longer

We analyse in detail the key metrics involved in helping you to hit the ball longer.

We can also highlight area’s that cause inconsistencies within the swing. 

Shoulder Turn, Pelvis Turn, X-factor Stretch.
Chest Sway, Pelvis Sway, Hand Sway.
Pelvis Lift, Torso Lift, Hand Lift.
The Kinematic Sequence.
Body Segment Peak Speeds.
Ground Force Reaction Including - Vertical Forces, Frontal Forces and Lateral Forces.

Your Personalised Speed And Accuracy Plan

On completion of your session, we will send you a report highlighting the area’s to work on to improve your speed and accuracy.

We’ll create a personal training space where all of your session data and video’s will be stored and then build out a personalised bespoke implementation plan including drills and practice plans.

"I now have complete control over the ball flight with my driver - My average clubhead speed has increased by 11 mph"

Morgan Jackson. PGA Professional

TrackMan Ball Flight And Club Data Analysis

Along with your 3-D and force data, we also measure your club and ball flight data using Trackman.

TrackMan is trusted by the best players in the world, and is the industry standard in ball flight and club measurements.

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Details About The Session

​Location of Analysis:

Greg Smith Golf Coach Academy, Aston Wood Golf Club, Blake Street, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.


There is on site parking at the club

Duration of Analysis:

The session lasts : - 1 hour

Equipment Required:

Please bring your Driver, Golf Glove and Golf Shoes


You will be hitting golf balls, so please wear clothing that you will be comfortable in. No need to wear golfing attire. Trainers or soft spiked golf shoes.

Further Questions:

If you have any questions, please get in contact via email or book a FREE 15-minute call above

How Does The Session Work:

Data collection:  Hitting shots on TrackMan and 3-D capture.

Analysis: - Review of data and screen record of the analysis.

Drill demonstration: Demonstration of corrective drills recorded.

Implementation: Work on the drills within the session with guidance and feedback.

Review of session: Conclusion of the session and prescribed next steps.

What our customers have to say

Don’t just take our word for it, we have literally helped 1000’s of golfers all over the world to increase speed and distance. Check out the reviews below;

Martyn Smith

"My handicap is coming down really quickly and I have won a couple of big comps including the National Club Golfer top 100 series final with 2 x VIP tickets to the US Masters !!!! How brilliant is that.

Jon Shaw

Greg's lessons are second to none. The amount of time, data, and analysis he puts into each lesson is amazing. I have already seen improvement in my drives and am excited to see the continued progress. Could not recommend working with him more.

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