WE'LL Get You Hitting The Ball At Least 30 Yards Longer And Elimate Your Wild Hook/ Slice In Just 6 Weeks...
Or Your Money Back

BONUSTransform Your Technique With A 3D Biomechanics Swing Analysis By Greg

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The Long Drive Coaching Programme

Only a select handful of my loyal clients will get the opportunity to work with me and my team to learn the secrets of hitting longer drives.

You will learn how to hit the ball straighter and up to 40 yards longer, time after time.

“Increase Your Driving Distance By At Least 30 Yards In Just 6 Weeks"

Dear Friend,

You’d be right to be curious, maybe even a little skeptical… but if you want to drive the golf ball longer and straighter than you ever thought possible, then you’re going to find this really exciting.

Here’s why:

I’m looking for 5 clients who already play golf but want to take their game to the next level...

And if you’re that client, my team and I will personally work with you to help you increase your driving distance by at least 40 yards and improve your overall accuracy in just SIX weeks…

And here’s where it gets interesting;

“It Won’t Cost You a Single Penny, Unless You achieve your goal”

That’s because we're going to help you build a powerful, repeatable golf swing, which produces phenomenal results that will leave you and your golfing buddies speechless.....

And it will only take us six weeks to achieve and if not, I'll refund your money.


Next time teeing it up with your regular playing partners that normally out drive you and then smashing it 30 yards past them with ease.....

And then imagine repeating this, for the remaining 17 holes.

I will show you the very same system that I used to increase my club head speed from a modest 109 mph to a spectacular 133 mph, in just 6 weeks....

I'll Also Include A 3D Biomechanics Swing Analysis $199 Value

Transform Your Technique With A 3D Biomechanics Swing Analysis

Here's what we measure in your 3D Swing Analysis:

Chest turn
Chest side bend.
Pelvis turn.
Pelvis side bend
Lead knee flexion
Trail knee flexion
Pelvis sway
Torso sway
Hand arc

Only 5 Spots Available

And All Of These Game Changing Courses

Wedge Play Mastery

Make More Birdies And Knock At Least 5 Shots Off Your Round

Become a master of the wedge game through this easy to follow training on wedge shots from 60 - 120 yards. Master your ball flight control and distance control and start peppering the flags.

Long Drive Training

Increase Your Clubhead Speed By At Least 10mph Resulting In A Massive 30 Yards Increase on Your Drives

This is the programme that Greg went through to increase his own clubhead speed from 114 mph to a massive 131 mph in just 30 days without setting foot in a gym.


My Flagship 12-Week System (Normally $399) To Take Your Golf Swing To The Next Level Allowing You To Load Up Your Golf Swing For Power And Maximum Coil

Transform your golf swing today with the Golf Swing System. 

Learn the exact same system that we use to help our clients achieve an average driving distance increase of 47.9 yards.

Build a repeatable golf swing allowing you to hit consistently straight shots and;

  • Hit More Fairways,
  • Hit More Greens In Regulation,
  • Eliminate Wild Shots.

Shoot the lowest scores of you life with the Golf Swing System.

Here's What You're Getting Today:

This Offer Is Not Available Anywhere Else

Personalized Long Drive Coaching Program: Personalized coaching from Greg and his team to hit the ball at least 30 yards longer in just 6 weeks. ($682 Value)
3D Swing Analysis: Get a personalized 3D biomechanics analysis of your swing by Greg ($199 Value)
The Golf Swing System: Learn how to hit the ball consistently long and straight. ($399 Value)
The Long Drive Training Programme: Increase your clubhead speed by 17 mph in just 30 days without setting foot in a gym. ($129 Value)
Wedge Play Mastery: Master your ball flight control and distance control and start peppering the flags.($129 Value)

Total Value: $1,538

Today Just: £499

You Will Experience A Huge Increase In Clubhead Speed Resulting In Massive Drives

For every 1mph increase in club head speed, you will see up to 2.5 to 3 yards increase in distance.


Just a modest 10 mph increase in club head speed could leave you standing another 30 yards further down the fairway from your drive.

Through this program, you will improve;

Your consistency of strike... Reducing your spread of shots and achieve maximum energy transfer from club head to ball.
Your ball flight... By ridding you of that painful slice/ hook and poor trajectory costing you vital distance.
Your swing power... Helping you to increase leverage and coil to maximize club head speed.

The average increase in total driving distance with clients who go through our long driving coaching programme is a whopping 47.9 yards! 

Here's Some Of The Fantastic Increases Our Awesome Clients Have Achieved;

Graham Hubbold

Increased average driving distance from 257.6 yards to 309.3 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 98.2 mph to 110.5 mph. He also achieved a fastest clubhead speed of 116.1 mph (all measured on TrackMan).  

Rick Fawdrey

Rick managed to increase his driving distance by 26.3 yards (measured on TrackMan).

Reg Machin

Reg managed to increase his average driving distance by 42.02 yards (measured on TrackMan).

Steve Donnithorne

Increased his total driving distance by 39.8 yards (measured on TrackMan)

So Why Would Driving The Ball 40 Yards Longer And Straighter Be Important To You?

More fairways hit
40 extra yards equals 4 clubs less for your second shot.
Hit those never before reachable par 5’s in two.
Drive those short par 4 holes.  
More Birdies. 
More Eagles. 
Lower Scores. 

When you take into account that the average club golfer will spend over £360 on a new driver hoping to gain a few extra yards.....

And had that money been more wisely invested in a tried and tested Longer Drive Programme, then that same golfer could be hitting the ball 40 yards further.

Here's How It Works:

You have the option to work either in-person here at the studio, or through on-line remote coaching.

We will put together a bespoke 6-week program allowing you to implement the required changes and put your driving distance through the roof.

I will personally put your bespoke plan together and then my team will support you every step of the way making sure that you achieve a massive increase in both clubhead speed and driving distance.

I will oversee everything.

We use CoachNow for video video sharing. It's super simple to use and makes the process seamless.

It's A No Brainer Right?

Well let me make the decision easier for you.

I will provide a personal 30 day guarantee that if you are not happy with any part of the programme, then I will provide you with a full refund.

That means that if you do decide to go ahead, then you can rest assured that YOU WILL achieve your goal as long as you are willing to make the change.

Here's What I Want You To Do Next

If you think that this is the right programme for you, then you need to submit an application by clicking the link below.

We only want to talk to golfers who are serious about achieving incredible results.

If that describes you, then apply below.

Here's What Will Happen After That

We'll get in touch with you to discuss your application.

Once we have a chance to talk, one of these things will most likely happen:

#1 You love the plan and ask to become a client so we can help you execute, maximize, and transform your game ASAP.

If that’s the case, we’ll literally knock it out of the park ...

And that’s a promise. 

You will be hitting enormous, straight drives in just six weeks.

#2 In the unlikely and unprecedented event that you feel like you've wasted your time, you can walk away with nothing lost. No questions asked. Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and I respect that.


This programme is not designed for everyone and will only suit those who want to see substantial results in the shortest possible time.

Anybody can achieve these results regardless of age, athletic ability or gender but you must be willing to put in the work and stay the course.

My time is valuable and I get approached by a lot of clients who desire to work with me and my time for game changing results and we only want to invest our time in people who are willing to make the required changes.

Be Quick, Time Is Of The Essence

As far as I am aware, no other instructor in the industry will guarantee results as remarkable as these.

That is why this is a limited availability programme.

I am giving my current loyal clients and mailing list subscribers, the opportunity to get in first by giving you an early heads up on this amazing offer.

After that, this course will go live to the public, although I imagine that all slots will be scooped up by my mailing list subscribers before the official launch.

One Final Thought

My straight forward no “BS” approach provides my personal clients with outstanding results very quickly.

My coaching programmes tend to be in very high demand and sell out quickly.

I have large mailing list of current personal clients and I know that this programme will be snapped up very quickly.

So .....

If the thought of 40 extra yards on your drives and more fairways hit is appealing, then please express an interest immediately and I will be happy to reserve your spot.

Hope to see you on the programme.

Warmest regards,

Greg Smith


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