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Transform your golf swing and make this your best ever golfing season

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1-Hour TrackMan Lesson

Your session will include a comprehensive TrackMan analysis of your club delivery and ball flight. We'll identify exactly what you need to change to hit the ball longer and straighter.

Detailed 3-D Analysis

Your session will also include a detailed 3-D analysis of your golf swing. Learn the key swing changes that will increase your swing efficiency and consistency.

4-Week Plan & Online Support

On completion of your session, Greg will put together a bespoke 4-week plan showing you a step by step process for implementing your swing changes. He will also provide 4 x 3-D swing reviews as you work you way through the plan.

RESULTS: Here's what you can achieve

Hit the ball consistently straight

Learn how to create a golf swing that consistently achieves square impact resulting in more fairways and greens hit in regulation. 

Build a consistent and repeatable golf swing

Build a beautiful looking golf swing that repeats time and time again... even under pressure.

Hit the ball enormous distances

Learn how to deliver the club into the "Speed Slot" which produces phenomenal clubhead speed.

Here's what's included

Here are some of the results our clients achieve;

Completely transform your golf swing.
TrackMan ball flight analysis.
3-D swing analysis.
Analysis of where your technique can be improved.
4-week step by step implementation plan.
4 x follow up 3-D swing analysis.
All video's and drills are recorded and then uploaded into an online portal.

Brandon -
Swing Plane System owner

"I'm no longer struggling with a constant slice. The explosion through the ball is unreal"

"Now after listening to you and following the program, My average drive in a round is in the high 280s to 290 and my farthest drive to date so far is 320! I mean seeing these results speak for themselves. I’m no longer struggling with a constant slice, the only time I do slice it I feel it in my swing and know where I went wrong. I’m not playing a baby fade and just the explosion through the ball is unreal."

"I'm now hitting the ball 20 yards longer with every club"

" I'm now hitting the ball longer with every club. The biggest impact on my game was the improvement in consistency. I was hitting balls on the range yesterday and my swing felt like a machine. Every ball was landing in the same place.

I can't believe how consistent my swing now is in such a short amount of time"

Oscar Senior

Oscar Senior -
Professional golfer

Rick Fawdrey -
Now 16 handicap golfer (Before the program 22 h'cap)

"I've reduced my handicap by 6 shots!"

"When I started the program, I was barely able to hit the ball 200 yards. The training was brilliant. It broke the swing motion down into simple stages and it's totally transformed my golf swing.

My average clubhead speed has increase by 14 mph and my driving distance has gone up by over 60 yards!

I now have more consistency with my swing and because of that, I've managed to reduce my handicap by 6 shots."

I also nearly broke 80 the other day!

"I now have complete control over the ball flight with my driver - My average clubhead speed has increased by 11 mph"

"I've managed to Increase my average clubhead speed by 11 mph (121 mph). My driving distance average has increased by 40.1 yards and I now have complete control over my ball flight with the driver."

Morgan Jackson -
Alps Tour Professional

Martyn Smith -
9 handicap golfer

"I won the National Club Golfer Top 100 Series Final"

"My handicap is coming down really quickly and I have won a couple of big comps including the National Club Golfer top 100 series final with 2 x VIP tickets to the US Masters !!!! How brilliant is that.

Many thanks for all your help and I am fully expecting to continue my journey to low single figures or as close as I can. Not too bad for an old duffer."

Here's Some More Awesome Results Our Members Achieved...

"Increased average driving distance from 257.6 yards to 309.3 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 98.2 mph to 110.5 mph. He also achieved a fastest clubhead speed of 113.1 mph (all measured on TrackMan)."

Graham Hubbold - 4 Handicap Golfer

"I have worked with some of the top instructors both In-Person and through online courses. I can safely say that this is the best instruction I have ever received. You have helped me to transform my game."  

Andrew - 1 Handicap Golfer

"I’ve had lessons and gone through courses from some of the best golf coaches in the world, but this course blows everything away. I can’t believe the progress that I have made in such a short period of time. I’m hitting the ball at least 30 yards longer and have more control over my ball flight. Thanks Greg”

Steve - 12 Handicap Golfer