VIDEO 3: The downswing transition

Learn how to achieve your ideal downswing plane allowing you set the club in the "Speed-Slot"

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The simple swing plane that the best players in the world use to hit long and straight.

Video 2

The simple backswing motion that allows you to hit consistently straight shots.

Video 3

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How to achieve your ideal downswing plane allowing you set the club in the "Speed-Slot"

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Here's whats included

The training sequence of your incredible, powerful and accurate golf swing;

The set up findementals of a powerful golf swing.
The swing plane the tour pro's use.
Your perfect backswing plane.
How to shallow the club.
The loading system.
The release system.

RESULTS: Here's what you can achieve

Here are some of the results our clients achieve;

Build a beautiful effortless golf swing.
Increase clubhead speed by up to 15mph.
Increase driving distance by up to 60 yards.
Hit your irons longer.
Hit more fairways and greens in regulation.
Make more birdies and shoot lower scores!

About Your Teacher

Greg Smith

Greg has literally helped thousands of golfers to transform their golf swing and hit the ball longer and starighter than ever through his simple Golf Swing System.

Learn his simple system and play the best golf of your life.

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