A Select Few Golfers “Ready To Learn The Game Changing Secrets Of Hitting Colossal, Straight Drives”

“Increase Your Driving Distance By Up To 47.9 Yards Without Loosing Accuracy"

Dear Friend,

You’d be right to be curious, maybe even a little sceptical… but if you want to drive the golf ball longer and straighter than you ever thought possible, then you’re going to find this really exciting.

Here’s why:

I’m going to share with you the 3 secrets to building an effortless, powerful golf swing that asolubtely blasts the golf ball long and straight down the middle of the fairway.

In fact...

The average driving distance increase of our clients going through this programme is a whopping 47.9 yards!

And here’s where it gets interesting;

“It Won’t Cost You a Single Penny, Unless You achieve your goal”

That’s because I'm going to help you build a powerful, repeatable golf swing, which produces phenomenal results that will leave you and your golfing buddies speechless.....


Next time teeing it up with your regular playing partners that normally out drive you and then smashing it 30 yards past them with ease.....

And then imagine repeating this, for the remaining 17 holes.

I will show you the very same system that I used to increase my club head speed from a modest 109 mph to a spectacular 133 mph, in just 5 weeks....

Through this programme, you will improve;

Your consistency of strike... Reducing your spread of shots and achieve maximum energy transfer from club head to ball.
Your ball flight... By ridding you of that painful slice/ hook and poor trajectory costing you vital distance.
Your swing power... Helping you increase leverage and coil to maximise club head speed.

“You will experience a huge increase in club head speed, resulting in massive drives.”

For every 1mph increase in club head speed, you will see up to 2.5 to 3 yards increase in distance.

So..... Just a modest 10 mph increase in club head speed could leave you standing another 30 yards further down the fairway from your drive.

The average increase in total driving distance with clients who go through our long driving coaching programme is a whopping 47.9 yards! Here's some of the fantastic increases our awesome clients have achieved;

Increased average driving distance by 42.0 yards (Measured on TrackMan)

Reg Machin

Increased average driving distance by 49.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  


Increased average driving distance by 33.4 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Graham Hubbold

Increased average driving distance by 39.7 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Steve Donnithorne

Increased average driving distance by 61.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Rick Fawdrey

So why would driving the ball 40 yards longer and straighter be important to you?

More fairways hit
40 extra yards equals 4 clubs less for your second shot.
Hit those never before reachable par 5’s in two.
Drive those short par 4 holes.  
More Birdies. 
More Eagles. 
Lower Score. 

When you take into account that the average club golfer will spend over £360 on a new driver hoping to gain a few extra yards.....

And had that money been more wisely invested in a tried and tested Longer Drive Programme, then that same golfer could be hitting the ball 40 yards further.

Here's How it works

You will have access to the Golf Swing System.

This training takes you through the 3 key systems that allow you to build a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing.

When mastered, your golf swing becomes more efficient allowing you to hit the ball longer than ever with less effort.

I'm also going to include access to my Long Driving Programme.

This will take you through the exact same process that I used to increase my clubhead speed from 109 mph to 133 mph in just 5 weeks.

You can have access to both of these fantastic courses for just 1 payment of $69.00.



The complete Golf Swing System training course

The Set Up Fundamentals.
The Swing Plane System.
The Loading System.
The Release System

BONUS: The Long Drive Programme

The complete Long Drive Training Programme

Increase your clubhead speed.
Swing faster with less effort.
Gain massive speed without setting foot in a gym.

It's a no brainer right?

Well let me make the decision easier for you.

I will provide a personal 30 day guarantee that if you are not happy with any part of the programme, then I will provide you with a full refund in full.

That means that if you do decide to go ahead, then you can rest assured that YOU WILL achieve your goal as long as you are willing to make the change.

Here's what I want you to do next

Just click the button below and that will take you to an online order form. 

Simply enter your payment details and I will send you through your access details so that you can log into the training portal and start going through the course straight away.


This programme is not designed for everyone and will only suit those who want to see substantial results in the shortest possible time.

Anybody can achieve these results regardless of age, athletic ability or gender but you must be willing to put in the work and stay the course.

If you're ready to work hard to hit the ball longer than you ever dreamed possible, then click the button below;

Be quick, time is of the essence

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One final thought

My straight forward no “BS” approach provides my personal clients with outstanding results very quickly.

My coaching programmes tend to be in very high demand and sell out quickly.

I have large mailing list of current personal clients and I know that this programme will be snapped up very quickly.

So .....

If the thought of 40 extra yards on your drives and more fairways hit is appealing, then please click that button below and enter your payment details and let's start playing the golf of your life.

Hope to see you in the programme.

Warmest regards,

Greg Smith