Increase Your Driving Distance By 47.9 Yards And Hit Consistently Straight Shots... 

Build a repeatable golf swing allowing you to hit consistently straight shots and hit more fairways and greens in regulation. 

Shoot the lowest scores of you life with the Golf Swing System.

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What Is The Golf Swing System?

After 20+ years of working with both amateur golfers and elite golfers alike, Greg formed the Golf Swing System.

The Golf Swing System is a FastTrack process helping once frustrated golfers to transform their golf swing and get the most out of their games. 

The Golf Swing System has helped 1000's of golfers to play the golf of their dreams and it will do the same for you.

Game Changing Training Programs Included With Your Membership

Long Drive Training 

This is the program that Greg went through to increase his own clubhead speed from 114 mph to a massive 131 mph in just 30 days without setting foot in a gym.

The Golf Swing System

The Golf Swing System is the only golf swing training that you will ever need. Master your swing plane, load and release and hit the ball longer and straighter than you ever dreamed possible. A distance increase of 47.9 yards awaits you.

Wedge Play Mastery 

Become a master of the wedge game through this easy to follow training on wedge shots from 60 - 120 yards. Master ball flight control and distance control and start peppering the flags.

Live Zoom Coaching Session

You also receive a 30 minute live Zoom coaching call with one of our expert instructors.

In this call, they will answer any of your questions and help you implement the teachings from the trainings into your own golf swing.

They'll help you accelerate your results allowing you to play your best golf in no time.

Look At These Massive Distance Increases Some Of Our Awesome Clients Have Achieved!

Increased average driving distance by 42.0 yards (Measured on TrackMan)

Reg Machin

Increased average driving distance by 49.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  


Increased average driving distance by 33.4 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Graham Hubbold

Increased average driving distance by 39.7 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Steve Donnithorne

Increased average driving distance by 61.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)  

Rick Fawdrey


What The Golf Swing System Will Do For Your Game

Increase Distance

 Increase your clubhead speed and optimize the efficiency of your drives to achieve maximum distance. Our clients average driving distance increase is a whopping 47.9 yards.

Consistent Golf Swing

Build a golf swing that repeats, allowing you to hit better shots more often. You will have a repeatable ball flight allowing you to make better on course decisions.

Hit Fairways & Greens

You will be hitting longer and straighter shots allowing you to improve your course stats dramatically.

Shoot Lower Scores

You will have built a scratch equivalent golf swing allowing you to dramatically lower your scoring average.

You Also Get Access To The Swing Plane System

Eliminate Wild Hooks And Slices From Your Game And Hit Explosive Draws With The Swing Plane System

Within the first 5-minutes, we will correct your swing plane, and then over the next 30-days, we'll strengthen up your ability to take your new swing to the course and absolutely annihilate the ball down the fairway.

This awesome program is included in your membership when you sign up today.

Some More Incredible Results Our Awesome Clients Have Achieved!

"Now after listening to you and following the program, My average drive in a round is in the high 280s to 290 and my farthest drive to date so far is 320! I mean seeing these results speak for themselves. I’m no longer struggling with a constant slice, the only time I do slice it I feel it in my swing and know where I went wrong. I’m not playing a baby fade and just the explosion through the ball is unreal."  

"I'm no longer struggling with a constant slice. The explosion through the ball is unreal"  

Brandon - Swing Plane System

"I've managed to Increase my average clubhead speed by 11 mph (121 mph). My driving distance average has increased by 40.1 yards and I now have complete control over my ball flight with the driver."  

"I now have complete control over the ball flight with my driver - My average clubhead speed has increased by 11 mph"

Morgan Jackson - Euro Pro & Alps Tour Player  

"Thanks to your programme, I have never hit the ball as long and straight as I do now. It feels like my swing has a turbo charge"

Oscar Senior

"It feels like my swing has a turbo charge"

Oscar Senior - Euro Pro Tour Player

"My handicap is coming down really quickly and I have won a couple of big comps including the National Club Golfer top 100 series final with 2 x VIP tickets to the US Masters !!!!  How brilliant is that.
 Many thanks for all your help and I am fully expecting to continue my journey to low single figures or as close as I can. Not too bad for an old duffer."

"I won the National Club Golfer Top 100 Series Final"

Martyn Smith - 9 Handicap Golfer

"I have worked with some of the top instructors both In-Person and through online courses. I can safely say that this is the best instruction I have ever received. You have helped me to transform my game."  

"The best instruction I have ever received"

Andrew - 1 Handicap Golfer


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