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  1. Jim Crow
    Jim Crow says:

    Hi Greg,

    Just enjoyed your 1st video which recapped on several key points from the lessons I have had from you.
    Very informative for those looking for answers.

  2. Alvin Ward
    Alvin Ward says:

    Interesting to watch a vid where the Tutor does not even strike a ball.
    I am a 68 year old, only been a member of my club for 18 mths and holds h/cap of 44.4.
    I have what can only be described as a wicked slice which I am trying to eliminate/reduce.
    The swing plane was interesting which I will try and master, thanks
    Alvin Ward

    • gregprogolf
      gregprogolf says:

      Thanks Alvin glad you found it useful. Yes, I deliberately decided to do it that way to focus on the instruction rather than the ball flight.

  3. Donald Orr
    Donald Orr says:

    Very helpful indeed Greg. Great coaching well and simply explained . Looks so easy ! Ha ha , until we hit the actual course

    • gregprogolf
      gregprogolf says:

      Hi Dean,
      I would look at Swing Direction (that would be the arc in relation to the target line) & Swing Plane (the angle of the shaft through impact).


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