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Practise your game on industry leading game improvement technology whilst working with one of our expert coaches

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Hi, I'm Greg Smith and I'd like to introduce you to our new game changing golf coaching programme, the TrackMan practise membership. Work with one of our expert PGA coaching professionals to transform your golf swing and then practise your new skills on industry leading game analysis system TrackMan.

We'll help you improve all areas of your game:

Perfect Swing Building

Every individual has their own ideal perfect golf swing. We help you find yours based on your body shape, flexibility and athletic ability. The swing is made to fit you.

Long Drive Coaching

We can show you how to improve the efficiency and power of your golf swing to increase your clubhead speed and driving distance.

Short Game Coaching

We can help you develop a consistent and reliable short game that will help you convert more birdie chances.

Strategy And Mental Skills Coaching

We can show you how to reduce your scores through using an effective scoring strategy and mind set. Your scores will come tumbling down.

Personalised Improvement Plan

Your coach will put together your very own personalised improvement plan allowing you to achieve your goals FAST.

Small Changes Make Big Differences to Your Game

We want you to become a better golfer long term and not just provide you with a short term “Quick Fix” which eventually breaks down and leaves you stuck in the same frustrating rut that you started in.

In your coaching programme, we will show you how to build a consistent, repeatable golf swing.

Your programme also includes membership to our state of the art studio allowing you to take advantage of our fantastic facilities including TrackMan and our video analysis system.

Increased average driving distance by 61.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)


Increased average driving distance by 49.3 yards (Measured on TrackMan)


Increased average driving distance by 42.0 yards (Measured on TrackMan)


Industry Leading Technology

Just working on your golf swing is not enough.

You need accurate and reliable feedback when you're practicing which is why we use TrackMan in both your lessons and practice sessions.

TrackMan provides you instant feedback on each shot hit showing you both data and video to help aid and speed up the learning process.

The gaming features on TrackMan make working on your game not only constructive but fun.

Try it once and you'll be hooked.

Live Shot Analysis

Every time you hit a shot you receive key information in real time. Select a view that fits your needs, from easy-to-understand numbers to video recordings to a 3D view of the ball flight. Right at your fingertips.

Video Analysis

Capture, compare, & improve swings with state of the art video software. Quickly navigate and access videos, model swings, and drawing tools. Use the built-in radar synced camera and add 3D graphics overlay of all main data parameters.

TrackMan AI Tracy 

Tracy is a revolution in how coaches and players interact during practice. When players are given their one thing to work on, it’s the coach that can then give them guidance as to how to change their game to meet Tracy performance recommendations.

TrackMan Test Centre

Test Center allows you to design a specific test to fit your needs. Generate your own test protocols that focus on wedges, the driver, or random distances. You have the control to create the practice plan.

Some Of Our Favourite TrackMan Features


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