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I’ll Add A Minimum Of 30 Effortless Yards To Your Drives And Dramatically Tighten Your Dispersion… Guaranteed

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I'll guarantee That Golfers Will Increase Their Drives By A Minimum Of 30 Yards.
I'll guarantee that more drives will land on the fairway
I'll guarantee that your average score will be reduced.

*Everything is measured via our state of the art Trackman analysis system. 

(Full details of the guarantee explained upon acceptance)

Learn My Simple System That Has Helped 1000's Of Golfers All Over The World To Easily Transform Their Golf Swing!

Without having to spend hours practicing hitting 1000's of golf balls.
Without having to go to the gym to get stronger or more flexible.
Without having to learn an over complicated technique.
Without having to spend weeks playing terrible golf before seeing any results.

This is for people who actually want a permanent change and are sick of gimmicky "Quick Fixes" that don't work and are not sustainable for consistent performance.


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"I'll help you build a golf swing that absolutely crushes the golf ball whilst still having complete control over your ball flight.

You will hit the ball at least 30 yards longer, hit more fairways and greens and reduce your scores by 5 shots."

Greg Smith

PGA Advanced Professional
Trackman Level 2 Professional
Level 1 Swing Catalyst Certified Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Game Analysis And Performance Profiling
Strategic Periodization Planning
Swing Speed Training
Result Driven, Inner Game Mentoring
Realistic Goal Setting And Problem Solving

TrackMan Ball Flight And Video Analysis

TrackMan 4 gives you all the data you need, is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible.

TrackMan 4 captures every detail with astounding precision. That’s club and ball data including impact location. It’s full ball-flight numbers. Normalization for all conditions. With video analysis and data tailored to you.

Here's Some Of The Incredible Results My Awesome Clients Have Achieved Working With Me

"Now after listening to you and following the program, My average drive in a round is in the high 280s to 290 and my farthest drive to date so far is 320! I mean seeing these results speak for themselves. I’m no longer struggling with a constant slice, the only time I do slice it I feel it in my swing and know where I went wrong. I’m not playing a baby fade and just the explosion through the ball is unreal."  

"I'm no longer struggling with a constant slice. The explosion through the ball is unreal"  

Brandon - Swing Plane System

"I've managed to Increase my average clubhead speed by 11 mph (121 mph). My driving distance average has increased by 40.1 yards and I now have complete control over my ball flight with the driver."  

"I now have complete control over the ball flight with my driver - My average clubhead speed has increased by 11 mph"

Morgan Jackson - Euro Pro & Alps Tour Player  

"Thanks to your programme, I have never hit the ball as long and straight as I do now. It feels like my swing has a turbo charge"

Oscar Senior

"It feels like my swing has a turbo charge"

Oscar Senior - Euro Pro Tour Player

"Increased average driving distance from 257.6 yards to 309.3 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 98.2 mph to 110.5 mph. He also achieved a fastest clubhead speed of 113.1 mph (all measured on TrackMan)."

"Fastest clubhead speed of 113.1 mph!"

Graham Hubbold - 4 Handicap Golfer

"My handicap is coming down really quickly and I have won a couple of big comps including the National Club Golfer top 100 series final with 2 x VIP tickets to the US Masters !!!!  How brilliant is that.
 Many thanks for all your help and I am fully expecting to continue my journey to low single figures or as close as I can. Not too bad for an old duffer."

"I won the National Club Golfer Top 100 Series Final"

Martyn Smith - 9 Handicap Golfer

Increased his average clubhead speed by 14 mph. Increased his average driving distance by 61.3 yards. Dramatically tightened his dispersion. Reduced his handicap by 6 shots.

"I've reduced my handicap by 6 shots!"

Rick Fawdrey - 19 Handicap Golfer

"I have worked with some of the top instructors both In-Person and through online courses. I can safely say that this is the best instruction I have ever received. You have helped me to transform my game."  

"The best instruction I have ever received"

Andrew - 1 Handicap Golfer

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