My Top 7 Favourite Features On TrackMan With Greg Smith Golf Coach

TrackMan Data.


TrackMan 4 radar is dual radar system using both a long and short range radar. This mean that working with TrackMan allows you monitor every area of your golf game with precise feedback and accuracy. Whether it is club data or ball data that you are interested in, you can rest assured that TrackMan will provide you with the critical data that you need with an incredible degree of accuracy.

Rather than guessing, TrackMan will provide you with your key data points to the degree.

TrackMan Video.


Capture, compare, & improve swings with state of the art video software. Quickly navigate and access videos, model swings, and drawing tools. Use the built-in radar synced camera and add 3D graphics overlay of all main data parameters. Supplement it with up to 6 external cameras to get every angle you need.

TrackMan Optimizer.


With the Optimizer, you can see the true potential of any given shot. You can also see which parameters you may need to work on and how to train towards the perfect shot.

TrackMan Combine.


The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Compare and benchmark yourself against the best players in the world. See your name on worldwide leaderboards or create your own with a bunch of friends or a group from your local club.

Test Centre.


Test Centre allows you to design a specific test to fit the golfer’s needs. Generate your own test protocols that focus on wedges, the driver, or random distances. You have the control to create the practice plan.

TrackMan Simulator.


Imagine your off-season is now part of your peak season with regard to both practice and play. When deciding on a golf simulator, entertainment is a key component of the experience but so is reality. You want to be able to reproduce your swing with the same confidence (and fun) indoors as well as outdoors. TrackMan’s renowned accuracy and versatility allow you to do exactly that: To play and practice realistic golf anywhere, anytime.

TrackMan Performance Putting.


With new, groundbreaking data parameters at hand, the next generation of putting intelligence will help amateurs and professionals alike unleash their potential. Comparable to your swing analysis, you can now connect and validate your inner spectrum of feel triggers with accurate, reliable feedback on your putting stroke.

Welcome to a new world of putting.

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