Not Making Solid Contact With The Ball?  Ask Your Sternum


A common problem I see in many amateur golfers are they try to assist the ball into the air. Trying to lift the ball causes the sternum to move backwards and the clubface to open at impact. Not only does this entice the player to flip their hands at the ball, the clubhead is guaranteed to hit earth before ball. Solution: You have to get the sternum on top of the ball or even left of it. Here’s how.

Your sternum is shaped like a capital “T”

When you address a golf ball, the “T” will be slightly tilted because the right hand is in a lower position than the left. Your sternum will look something like this.

If you try to lift the ball up, here’s what your sternum will look like now. Notice how the left side of the “T” is significantly lower? Your going to hit behind the ball.

To make solid contact with the ball, get that “T” right above the ball at impact. It should feel more like this!

How do we do this? A great drill would be starting your weight on the left side (9:1 ratio) at address with the sternum directly on top of the ball (Your sternum should form a straight line with the ball). Without thinking too much about mechanics, simply take the club back and swing the arms at the ball, while keeping the weight distribution the same.

So next time your having problems making crisp contact with the ball, check and see what your “T” looks like. Mechanical moves in the back swing maybe important, but the positioning of the sternum (“T”) is paramount in the swing.

With that said, I will see you on the first tee.