The Golf Swing System

You will learn the exact changes that you need to make within your golf swing to achieve longer, straighter and more consistent shots.

Personalised 90 Day Plan

Personal 90 day improvement plan including practice plans and drills to guarantee your success. All you need to do is follow the plan for amazing results.

Personal Training Area

You will have access to your own personal training area in our online  platform CoachNow. Here, all of your video's, drill's, stats and programme info will be stored for you to view any time.  



The Golf Swing System helps you to build a powerful and repeatable golf swing allowing you to hit the ball consistently long and straight.

We put together your very own personalised plan allowing you to implement the system into your technique.

It doesn't matter about age, athletic ability, or flexibility, the Golf Swing System will work for you.


  • Personalised 90 Day Plan
  • Your own personal online training area
  • Your own personal expert instructor
  • Regular swing review & screen cast videos
  • Regular communication with your instructor
  • Your programme is overseen by Greg

3 x payments of £99.00 or £250.00 paid for 3 months in full.

Increased average driving distance from 257.6 yards to 309.3 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 98.2 mph to 110.5 mph. He also achieved a fastest clubhead speed of 113.1 mph (all measured on TrackMan).  

Graham Hubbold

6 Handicap

Increased average driving distance from 250.3 yards to 262.8 yards and increased his average clubhead speed from 91.4 mph to 96 mph. Martyn also managed to achieve a maximum 100 mph fastest clubhead speed (all measured on TrackMan).  

Martyn Smith

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