The Golf Swing System

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Up to 50% off the game changing Golf Swing System

Module 1

The set up fundamentals

Lean how to position the body correctly allowing your to build a repeatable golf swing.

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125

Module 2

The Swing Plane System

Learn the same swing plane motion that the top touring professional use to hit the ball long and straight.

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125

Module 3

The Backswing

Learn the key backswing positions that allow you to deliver the club consistently square into impact.  

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125

Module 4

The Downswing Move

Learn how to shallow the club and create you ideal downswing plane allowing you to shape the ball at will.

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125

Module 5

The Release System

Implement the "magic move" into your golf swing that creates a sling shot effect and maximum clubhead speed.

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125

Module 6

The Loading System

Power up your golf swing by adding the key swing triggers and the longest drives of your life.

Retail Price:£249 (Save 50%)
Just £125


Bundle It With Online Personal Coaching And Save Even More!

Work with one of our expert instructors online as they help you implement the Golf Swing System into your own technique. They will build you a 90 day personalised plan showing you what to do and when to do it. You will send your coach regular videos of your golf swing to our remote coaching online portal, and they will send you detailed videos on the adjustments that you need to make as you work your way through the plan.

Personal Online Coaching: With A Golf Swing System Expert Instructor

  • Personal online training portal.
  • 90 day swing building plan.
  • Your own expert instructor.
  • 4 x swing reviews each month.
  • Unlimited online support.
  • Unlimited access to the full Golf Swing System course
Retail Price: £500 (Save 50%) Just £249

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