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The Golf Swing System Training 

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Monthly Swing Reviews From Your Very Own Expert Instructor

As part of your membership to the Golf Swing System, you will receive monthly swing reviews from your very own expert instructor. Our coaches are amongst the best in the world and they will help you to implement your swing changes and personalise your programme.


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Step by step training

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The Golf Swing System

Learn how to build a consistent and repeatable golf swing through the Swing Plane System allowing you to hit more fairways and greens. Then power the swing up through the Release System and the Loading System and hit the ball longer than you ever dreamed possible!

Module 1  

Step 4

Set up fundamentals

Learn how to position the body correctly allowing your to build a repeatable golf swing.  

Module 2

Step 4

The Swing Plane System

Learn the same swing plane motion that the top touring professional use to hit the ball long and straight.  

Module 3

Step 4

The Backswing

Learn the key backswing positions that allow you to deliver the club consistently square into impact.   

Module 4

Step 4

The Downswing Move

Learn how to shallow the club and create you ideal downswing plane allowing you to shape the ball at will.  

Module 5

Step 4

The Release System

Implement the "magic move" into your golf swing that creates a sling shot effect and maximum clubhead speed.  

Module 6

Step 4

The Loading System

Power up your golf swing by adding the key swing triggers and the longest drives of your life.  

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Receive Personal LIVE Online Coaching: With A Golf Swing System Expert Instructor:

  • 1 x Live Zoom (1 hour) coaching call with your expert instructor each month.
  • Personalised online training portal.
  • Personalised swing building plan.
  • 4 x swing reviews each month.
  • Unlimited online support.
  • Unlimited access to the full Golf Swing System course
Price: $129.00 (Per Month)

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